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Đăng bởi Sally vào lúc 16.02.2021

Crystal and macrame journey!

Crystals Macrame was founded by Sally - a girl who has big passion about crystals. 

Every crystal is carefully selected and being kept with the natural stone to bring the best energy with one of a kind unique shape. With the design of boho, hippie and vintage styles, I make the macrame jewelries with the combination of crystal and macrame string art. For me working and being with crystals have became my favourite things to do everyday. I love the feeling of holding the stone, working with them, looking at them as each of them has its own shape, beauty and energy, it is also a way to define yourself, you will not find any second one because it is unique. Hope you find something you love from my collection, from Sally with love! ❤️❤️❤️

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