Our Story

Our journey began during the summer of 2018, when Sally took a leap of faith and went on her dream trip to India, a country whose beauty and culture she had been meaning to explore for a long time. The trip took her to the heart of the jewelry industry―Jaipur, the Bejeweled City of India. As she explored the city, Sally got the chance from her local friend who took her to jewelry markets where she met talented artisans and saw the most beautiful gemstones and jewelry. She became enchanted with crystals as she learned about how they can open up our chakras, or the energy points in our body, for a more balanced life. 

After returning to Vietnam, Sally continued to explore the powerful, ancient healing energy of each crystaland macrame art. Her work became popular among her peers in Vietnam and around the world. Sally grew her new passion, creating each piece of unique macrame jewelry with great care to make them special and meaningful for her customers. And so, Crystals Macrame was born!

At Crystals Macrame, we believe that everyone should enjoy their life to the fullest. We strive to give our customers powerful and positive energy through our products and share our best ways to use crystals to heal your soul. All of our crystals are carefully selected and kept in their natural form to maintain their energy and showcase their unique shapes. Our products are carefully designed and handcrafted to bring you one of a kind pieces for each zodiac sign, Feng Shui element, and chakra. 

For Sally and the rest of our artistic team, working with and handling crystals has become our favourite thing to do. It is not just a job―it’s our life. The feeling of holding crystals, working with it, and taking in its pristine beauty and spiritual energy can clear your mind and energize your body. Wearing Crystals Macrame jewelry is a way to define yourself. Because each piece is different from the other, you will not find another one like it in the world. We believe you will find something just right for you from our collection. We are excited to embark on this journey with you. 

From Sally, with love! ❤️




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